Month: April 2017


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Finally,my X220 has bluetooth again under Win10

自从更新到Win10系统后,我的爱机X220就失去蓝牙功能了。网上搜索了许多解决办法,都没能凑效,今天终于解决了!我的蓝牙回归了,可以考虑买个蓝牙耳塞听听了。 方法献上,为更多苦恼的朋友解决难题。参照下面这个帖子。 I have fixed the missing bluetooth device on windows 10 with my Lenovo X220i Laptop by upgrading the BIOS from the Lenovo Support Page to the latest. The bluetooth device fired up instantly after doing so. Try upgrading your BIOS of your machine to the latest. Mine worked fine even though …

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