Title of public health technician

医生的职称title of public health technician


主任医师 Chief of…/Professor
副主任医师 Associate Chief of…/Associate Professor
主治医师 Attending Doctor/Visiting Doctor/ Doctor-in-charge
医师 Doctor
医士 Assistant Doctor
住院医生 Resident Doctor
实习医生 Intern
主任药师 Chief(Professor)of Pharmacy
副主任药师 Associate Chief(Professor)of Pharmacy
主管药师 Pharmacist-in-charge
药师 Assistant Pharmacist
主任护师 Head Nurse
副主任护师 Associate Chief of Nursing
主管护师 Nurse-in-charge
护士 Nurse
主任技师 Senior Technician
副主任技师 Associate Senior Technician
主管技师 Supervising Technician
技师 Technician