Month: February 2016

Addition of 3′ A overhangs to PCR products

If PCR is performed using a proofreading DNA polymerase, such as Pfu DNA polymerase, the product will have blunt ends. Taq DNA polymerase catalyzes the non-template directed addition of an adenine residue to the 3´-end of both strands of DNA molecules to make it suitable for TA cloning. Details:’_A_overhangs_to_PCR_products

pan-neuronal genes

Despite remarkable variation in morphology and function, all neurons possess a set of attributes that allow their assignment to this cell type (Kandel et al., 2000). These features are likely determined by genes, called pan-neuronal genes, uniquely expressed in all (or nearly all) neurons, but not in other cell types. However, in many instances broadly …

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